Regular Membership Benefits

If you're looking for connections to information, other people who do what you do every day, educational seminars and training for your employees, then join GAMES today. GAMES is a member of the American Association for Homecare (AAH), and is active on the Jurisdiction C Council.

GAMES provides a variety of member services, including:

      • Up-to-date information through email blasts from our communications committee!
      • Unsurpassed networking opportunities!
      • Educational opportunities for owners, managers and staff, covering a wide array of timely and useful topics offered at a discounted rate to GAMES members!
      • Representation at the state and federal level in legislative issues!
      • An Annual Meeting with exhibits, nationally known speakers, and networking opportunities!
      • Representation at regional and national meetings, including the Jurisdiction C Council

Membership is based on your national annual revenue:

Tier 1 Less than $3M$500 
Tier 2 $3M - $5M$800
Tier 3 More than $5M$1,200


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