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DCH Audits!!!
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7/21/2014 at 3:54:20 PM GMT
DCH Audits!!!
We Just got two huge batches of audits from Alliant GMCF which is conducting post payment reviews on behalf of DCH/Medicaid. What is interesting about these audits (and quite frankly extremely frustrating) is as follows:

1: There is no specific item/reason for the audit! Just a patient name and a request for "all medical documentation for a period of time (in our case April 2013-March 2014)

2: They come in bundles we have received 2 such bundles at 70+ audits a bundle 

3: They have a 30 Day response time!!!!!

So far we are pushing back against them as being both unreasonable (due to their lack of specificity and the short response time) and have the Van Halem Group working with us, however we aren't making much progress.

Does anyone else have any dealings with Alliant or any contacts within their organization?

Anyone else seeing these audits or anything similar?

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7/22/2014 at 9:03:34 PM GMT
We received hundreds of Audits early last year with no explanation of what they wanted.  When we called to ask they didn't know either.    We received the results back from the Audit 14 months later.     In the results the only major issue we had was one reviewer didn't realize that secondary claims to Medicare followed Medicare Guidelines not GA Medicaid.  

Good Luck!

7/23/2014 at 7:09:05 PM GMT
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Mr. Riddle: They are asking for "Medical records" for anything you billed to Medicaid during that time frame. For each bill you sent to Medicaid, you must send in the signed delivery ticket, what the repair tech did, the physician's order for the repair and the physician's face to face chart notes within 6 months of the order and date of service. For new equipment, send everything you have that was sent to get the PA plus the delivery ticket and face to face chart notes. If you cant get all this together in 30 days, send what you have and continue to work to get the rest of the missing items (usually physician face to face chart notes) because when they come back to you in 6 months you will have the opportunity to appeal but you will again only have 30 days to do it. Rod Colver, Wolf Medical. 706-233-8200.

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