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Walmart and Canes?
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3/6/2014 at 8:50:08 PM GMT
Walmart and Canes?
I was in a Walmart location the other day and had a thought about them selling canes. Since they are CB winners (Walkers in the Atlanta CBA and who know what countless other bids elsewhere) they obviously have a NPI # to bill medicare...

My question is this, how do they get away with selling canes and other medicare items and not get ABN's?

Does Medicare not care? Should I be getting ABN's on all my retail canes? 


3/6/2014 at 11:31:17 PM GMT
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Yes, both Wal-Mart and MRS should be getting ABNs at retail. We operate a dozen retail locations and execute them all day long!

The one way around it is if you have an item which is not covered by Medicare.

3/12/2014 at 1:49:50 PM GMT
We are getting them, just curious how the "big boxes" are getting away without them.

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