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7/30/2013 at 1:37:42 PM GMT

Is anyone else having major issues with Connelly? We are currently working through several RAC audits where Connelly has recouped money without sending us results letters... Wayne Van Halem tells me that I have no recourse for this but to take these audits to the ALJ, however I am frustrated that this predatory company is "shooting first-asking questions later" so to speak.

Any other providers having this issue?

7/30/2013 at 2:15:56 PM GMT
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We had major issues with Connolly. They denied several claims, recouping money over information that was never requested. I wasted my time on a few of the claims by sending to open discussion to Connolly. I then learned I could automatically send denial to redeterminations. Major inconvience, we have just begun to get money back thepast two weeks from recoupements. We met with Congressman John Barrow on this issue of Connolly, he said he was very unaware of how they operated and believed they needed to be policed. He said would he would voice our issuesand how Connolly needs to be held accountable for errors.

7/30/2013 at 3:23:22 PM GMT
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We have had the same issue. We had 2 RAC audits from 2010 in the last few months. The first RAC was recouped, as you have stated, without any warning or letters giving explanation. When I called, I was told by Connoly "that was a mistake on our part, just send it back through redetermination and you will get your money back. As we all know, NOTHING with CMS is that easy. I received letters yesterday stating the entire RAC audit was "unfavorable". I am still waiting for decision on the 2nd audit. This is VERY time consuming, frustrating, and down right ridiculous. I spend more time on audits these days than I do my actual job which is billing and collecting. Our ratio of passed vs failed audits are WAY higher than most from what I'm finding out but this is still a bit overwhelming.

7/31/2013 at 11:46:19 AM GMT
We have had this happen on a few RAD devices. Connolly called them "internal audits " as the reason we didn't get the letter. When they sent the recoupment letter we were able to find out the reason for the denial and get them corrected and approved at the next level.

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