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New Overtime Rules
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8/18/2016 at 3:52:01 PM GMT
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New Overtime Rules

December 1 is quickly approaching and with it implementation of the new overtime rules from the Department of labor. Are you ready? Have you evaluated how this might impact your business? 

8/18/2016 at 7:16:23 PM GMT

Hey Richard - You are referring to the new rules that say anyone making less than 47k must be paid overtime even if they (their position) are exempt, correct?

I hope we hear from some GAMES members how they plan to address this! But I do have one question - What if someone is travelling to a conference? If you have a manager that makes just under the 47k threshold and you send them to an educational conference, do you have to pay overtime for travel and sleeping in a hotel? Yikes!

and FYI richard, this was teresa tatums question/comment (she hacked my account).  but i am interested to hear the answer as well, thanks chad

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